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With this being our first small business and my background being a teacher, I didn’t know where to start and was overwhelmed with the support that she provided me. I feel confident knowing that my systems are set up correctly and that if I ever have any problems, Sandra is only an email or phone call away. With all the stresses that come with owning a business, having this support is invaluable. Currently, most data integration is being done in the cloud, with cloud-native tools. Through our experience with organizing and migrating cloud databases, we guarantee you’ll be able to achieve the cloud data management goals you want safely, reliably, and affordably.

cloud integration consultants

As cloud system integrators, McKenna Consultants can leverage the reliance, scalability and security of cloud platforms to provide a framework for integrating your disparate systems. Cloud service integration allows us to integrate multiple environments, so you focus on solving your business problems rather than struggling to manage technology. Realised the demand faced by accountants to provide their clients integrated solutions for the retail, hospitality, trade and wholesale verticals.

Skyrocket past major integration challenges

Automated technical monitoring for optimizing operations and management costs. Hosting SAP solutions on the cloud can present challenges—from building a business case and defining the roadmap to choosing the best solution and migrating instances to integrate with your existing IT landscape. The number of applications to be integrated and the number of integration points. Connects cloud applications with SAP and non-SAP cloud and on-premises applications. ScienceSoft starts with a feasibility study of its technical, economic and operational aspects of your integration initiative. Our consultants with 7-20 years of experience in the field investigate whether the project is worth your time and money and which integration scenario will bring max benefit.

  • Understanding your current systems, the equipment, project processes, data, and workforce running the operations.
  • We bring our industry expertise to your ROI and intelligent operating model and innovation with data driven enterprise solutions, network and connectivity services and resilient modern architectures to solve your unique cloud technology needs.
  • Progent’s certified consultants offer computer support and IT consulting services for Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, and for the complete family of Microsoft Servers.
  • We know what works and can apply best practices to ensure your Oracle cloud applications meet your needs and solve your business problems.
  • For example, they’re leveraging integration capabilities to create new services and offerings, automate and streamline their operations, enter new markets, and gain real-time insights for increasing their competitive edge.

Your support helps the transition from MYOB Accounting to Xero a smooth one. It is great to know that I can count on you and SMB support team and that I am never going it alone. Sandra from SMB Consultants helped us with the initial set up of Xero, integrated with our POS Kounta.

OAuth2.0 scenarios for cloud integration consultants

Anticipating and preparing for this cloud revolution of services requires cloud industry specific guidance and knowledge. These could include custom software development, infrastructure planning, security analysis, and risk assessment. Cloud services and technology consultants could also advise on the strategic or financial sides of technology and software, such as how to invest in cost-efficient systems or how to integrate new software across multiple departments. Our technology consultants possess strong communication, analytical, technological, and business skills and be comfortable working with clients and technology teams.

Migration, re-engineering, re-architecting of the to-be-integrated applications . Creating connections – select or build adapters for your applications to communicate with the glue layer. Defines non-functional requirements for the integrated system (performance, availability, security, etc.). Checks how many communication protocols between integrated applications will be used. Our expertise spans all major technologies and platforms, and advances to innovative technology trends. When we complete an Oracle application health check our consultants will evaluate your current system usage and the overall performance of your Oracle applications.

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We reward success and will support you to achieve your career goals with a transparent, clearly defined path of progression. We live our values and ask that our team share in our positive mindset – it’s the key to our success. You’ll be supported in your career at Cloud with wellbeing initiatives, tailored goals, bonuses, and a lucrative commission structure. At Cloud, we challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves, inside and outside of work, and we hold regular social activities and fundraising challenges. At the same time, the personal touch she added was amazing – I felt like my success was her top priority and as she always listened very carefully.

Upskilling internal teams will help to bridge any gaps in their knowledge but can be a significant initial investment in time and resources. Alternatively, working with a consultancy can allow businesses to tap into a pool of experts who are up to date on the latest developments and can help them navigate the rapidly changing landscape. This is a particularly good option if there are niche areas of specialisation that a business needs support with. Working with a consultancy can help organisations rapidly increase their data science capabilities in order to stay competitive.In conclusion, data science disruptions can be a major challenge for businesses. Through partnerships with other organisations, investing in the development of existing data science teams, and bringing in external expertise, businesses can leverage the opportunities brought by developments in data science. To discuss how we can support you with your SAP Analytics & Data Science project, please select a time and date from my online calendar here.

Technology Strategy & Implementation

Our consultants have business backgrounds, and they have expertise both in your industry and in Oracle software. Our clients are happy, thanks to dedicated account and project cloud integration managers, consistent delivery teams and open communication lines. MuleSoft is a core competency at Appnovation and now it’s powering Salesforce’s Integration Cloud.

cloud integration consultants

Exchange Server 2013 includes major enhancements to the functionality of its predecessor Exchange 2010 and delivers important new features as well as a revamped structure. These improvements favorably impact vital facets of IT like manageability, high availability , security, operational costs, collaboration, scalability, performance, cross-version interoperability, and productivity. Progent can also provide affordable remote consulting and support and management services for Microsoft Exchange 2013. A global IT consulting and IT services company headquartered in McKinney, TX, ScienceSoft provides end-to-end application integration services. We leverage our expertise to execute industry- and function-focused integrations and keep your integration journey quick and smooth. As the holder of ISO 9001 and ISO certifications, we rely on mature quality management and guarantee the cooperation doesn’t pose any risks to the customers’ data security.

Managed Services

We are backed by a team of remarkable talent with vast experience in global cloud integration technologies and integration knowledge to each engagement. Our integration consultants will help you connect and expose data to mobile devices, cloud applications, analytics platforms, and connected devices – quickly and in an effective, controlled manner. We’ll help to protect your business and reduce risk every step of the way by securing your connections, APIs, networks, and data transfers. Our team can also design and build new APIs, develop new interfaces for existing APIs, and apply tools and best practices for managing all APIs more efficiently.






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